Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Return

photograph by me
It's been six months, my friends. Six whole months. How did this happen? Basically, my spring was busy with transitions at work and really hard writing struggles (that I'm still overcoming) and then it became easier just not to blog. I wanted to but with all my writing trouble, I felt guilty blogging if I wasn't really getting anything accomplished with my writing. I was afraid of feeling like a fraud.

But enough of fear. If anything, this year has been about challenging myself to forge beyond fear and know that with God's grace I can just give it my best shot and trust Him for the results.

So let's talk shop. I'm currently about to set forth on an adventure: reading all (well, most) of the books I own before buying more. How will I do this? By not setting foot inside a bookstore and avoiding Amazon like the plague (or a cliche). My personal book collection has exploded in the past year and is now overflowing into stacks throughout my room. This is what regular income does to bibliophiles. (To be honest, though, I do have a list of exceptions in case I do run across books I can't pass up or an indie author releases a new title. #SupportIndieAuthors)

I am hoping this adventure will help give me fuel for future posts and reviews. I want to get myself back into the habit of posting here weekly again. I have plans for this small corner of the blogosphere. Some of these exciting plans include a fresh look and a new name.

Now talk to me, my fellow bibliophiles! What have you been reading? Have you discovered any new favorite bookish treasures? What projects are you working on? Talk my ear off, people, because it has been far too long.


  1. Yay! Welcome back! I spy PLENILUNE and BEOWULF as well as the other very fine books at the top of your stacks - are you in for a treat!

  2. So happy you're back! I've missed Ain't We Got Fun! :)
    I have to say, I admire the adventure you've set upon! Books have such a natural way of piling up... I also feel bad about all the library books I couldn't finish in the allotted time and never checked out again. But your post reminds me that I really need to give "someday" a definite date and I finish what I start.
    Now I need to fess up -- my reading wasn't the greatest over the summer. But fall is getting me interested again, especially because my current read is Resist. Not even a quarter through yet, but I already love it.
    I'm so looking forward to the plans you're working on!

  3. Suzannah - I love how you're able to identify BEOWULF purely by the small corner visible in the picture. :) And I CANNOT wait to dive into these books. I'm so excited!

    Mary - You're enthusiasm is so encouraging! My reading adventure should be fun. I'm just hoping I'll be able to stick to it! *fingers crossed*

    My reading habits were horrendous this summer. Well, scratch that, this whole year my reading has been horrendous. Hoping to fix it this autumn and winter. *fingers crossed again*

    Ahh, I love RESIST! So good. Have you read any of Emily Ann Putzke's other stories?

  4. Oh yes, I loved reading Ain't We Got Fun :) Even though it's deeper content, I like how Resist still has the same instant familiarity to it.
    The cooler months always help me more with my to-read stack than summer does, so I'm hoping I'll get some good books finished right along with you!

  5. Oh, it can be so challenging to read all the books you own before acquiring more - I've been trying to do the same thing! I like how you described it as an adventure though. :)

    And I see The Book That made Your World there on your stack! That is seriously one of the most powerful and enlightening books I've read.. I hope you enjoy it! And it's exciting to hear of your plans - I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts. :)

  6. Jessica - Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm extremely excited to read The Book That Made Your World! I'm hoping to do a post with the rest of my autumn reading list sometime this weekend or next week.


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