Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chatterbox: Coffee

 The school semester is keeping me busy with things to get done, but at the beginning of this month Rachel Heffington of The Inkpen Authoress announced a new monthly blog event for writers. I had to attempt to participate. It is called Chatterbox. It is intended to help you get to know your characters better by writing dialogue. Every month Rachel will put up the conversation topic for the month and you can write a conversation between some of your characters concerning this topic. After you have posted the months entry on your blog, you head over to The Inkpen Authoress and link-up your post with the entry.

 This month's conversation topic was coffee. I chose two characters from a western of mine and it is highly probable that this conversation is going to make it into the official draft.

   “Along with his horse and gun, coffee is a cowboy’s best friend.” Joe poured coffee into two mugs.
   “That’s under debate,” Jackson said, taking one of the tin mugs. He watched Joe.
   Joe shrugged. and stared into the campfire. “When you’re tracing outlaws for days on end it is.”
 The fire lighted up Joe’s face, unmasking it from the darkness and forbidding it to hide. 


 Also going on over at Rachel's blog is her Utterly Baffled blog party. A blog party completely devoted to mysteries. She is giving away a Sherlock Holmes Inspiration Door-Hanger which some of you might be interested in. But, you had better be quick about entering because it ends later today.

The giveaway prize over at The Inkpen Authoress

~ Hanne-col

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