Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back Again

'Desert Mountain Climbing' by Victor C. Anderson
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Since my last post in June, life has seen me traverse across the good ole' United States to California for a family vacation, fall ill, attend numerous weddings, read a good many books, and switch my main writing project. I am very sorry for falling off the face of the blogosphere and abandoning my renaissance so soon but life prevailed over blogging. Anyway, I'm back and determined to settle into some sort of organized blogging plan.

 Anyway, there are mainly two things I want to talk about today: books and writing. Books are the indispensable objects of my lifelong affection and this summer I have read some great ones. To Kill a Mockingbird, for example, is brilliant. That book has secured a place on my list of best books I've read this year and a place on my list of favorites. Though, I would recommend it for older readers because of some language and thematic elements. I read my first of Wodehouse with Mike and Psmith. It was delightful; I look forward to more and diving into Jeeves & Wooster. I read a great many others, including Elisabeth Grace Foley's Left-Hand Kelly and Rachel Heffington's debut Fly Away Home.

 Well, on to the writing front. I needed to set aside my 1930s historical fiction piece (let's call it Finding Home for brevity) and so, in the beginning of July, I began work on a historical fiction novel taking place in 1953 London. So far, I have been in a good place with this story and it has not been snagging anywhere nearly as bad as Finding Home. Unfortunately, my new work in progress does not have a very good title at present. To quote Marguerite Henry, "titles are slippery things." I have yet to find the one singularly suited to my story. The Letters of Lee Ames no longer works when it is not being written in the epistolary form.


 Well, farewell for today. I plan on bringing you a post of snippets from my current work-in-progress later this week and a book review as soon as I gather my thoughts into a coherent pattern.


  1. I found your blog about a week ago through the LHBP and I've enjoyed looking through your posts and am now your newest happy follower! :) I love the update here and your picture choice!

    Also, hooray Wodehouse! (I LOVE dear P.G.W. ;))

  2. Thank you for following, Heidi! Wodehouse certainly was one of a kind. Reading him is like good medicine. He makes you feel better and puts a smile on your face. :)


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