Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Mid-June Report

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 Life has been extremely busy of late. A friend's wedding, siblings' sports games, and work has been keeping me busy these past couple days, leaving me with very little energy and time for blogging. However, I am determined not to slack off if I can help it. So here's a small glimpse of what I've been up to in the world of literature, writing, music, and film.

 The last book I finished was Cards On the Table by Agatha Christie. It was brilliant and probably my favorite Hercule Poirot mystery of the ones I have read. Currently, I am in the midst of London Afresh by E.V. Lucas and The Fisherman's Lady by George MacDonald. London Afresh I picked up at a book sale last year and apparently it is a rarity. I had to add it into the Goodreads database so I could shelve it!

 I began the process of reading through and marking the obvious mistakes in my recently finished first draft of The Letters of Lee Ames this past weekend. My sister is going through it with me. It is her first time reading past the first chapter, making it amusing when I notice a plot/character name discrepancy and start scribbling a note on the side of the paper to change it. I am also printing the manuscript in portions as needed. I think our printer might die if I printed all 311 pages in one go.

The Book Thief Soundtrack composed by John Williams
The Dancing In Gold album by The Von Trapps
Back Beat Boogie by Harry James and his orchestra is still a favorite too.
I have been falling in love with a couple pieces from The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns as well.
The score and vintage songs from The Help soundtrack.
I have eclectic tastes to say the least.

 Most recently, I watched By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1953) starring Doris Day. It was the sequel to another Doris Day musical, On Moonlight Bay (1951). On Moonlight Bay is definitely my favorite of the two and it's a delight to watch Mary Wickes as the family's maid/cook. Did I mention that it takes place during the First World War?

What have you all been up to? Have you read any good books, discovered a new favorite song, or seen any good films lately?


  1. Oh, this is a lovely update!! I really like your music selection. =) I'll have to check out On Moonlight Bay! I'm always looking for WWI films! I really want to write a book about WWI sometime ...

    I know what you mean about not being able to print all those pages of a manuscript! My printer would definitely die, too.

    I'm currently reading All the Light We Cannot See, and Child at War: The True Story of Hortense Daman. As far as films, I just finished watching all 3 episodes of Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial. It was really interesting and well done!

  2. Hello! I'm not sure if I've commented here before. I found your blog through the AWGF blog tour.
    Brother! Ahhh! I LOVE that song!!!! *goes to play it on Spotify because I haven't heard it yet, today*

  3. Emily - I want to write a WWI book too! I'm actually debating between my WWI project from several Camp NaNoWriMos back and my 1930s novel as my next main work-in-progress.

    How is "All the Light We Cannot See" so far? I've been interested in reading that book ever since I read about it in WORLD.

    Eliza - I'm glad you decided to comment! I love hearing from my readers! Yeah, I love that song too. I heard it on the radio last month and have been listening to it almost every day on Spotify ever since.

  4. Hanne-col,
    Have you come up with any ideas for Emily's link up yet? I was hoping to read a short story from you!

  5. Wisdomcreates - I did come up with an idea and story for Emily's link-up. I actually started writing it two weeks ago, but I've been too busy with life and other projects to finish it. Your interest is highly encouraging, I will try to finish and post it in time for the link up.


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