Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We're Marching On

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 Updates are becoming much too far apart I'm afraid. Life has been busy per usual and my writing has been mainly confined to prep work for my next big project.

 Since late June, I have been slowly but surely working on developing characters/outlining for my new work in progress The Point of No Return. Roughly, the story is about an English suicide mission behind German lines during the First World War. I am feeling pretty good about this project so far. I made a breakthrough with the villain's motivations the other night and have most of the essentials down for the majority of the other characters. I just need to flesh out the backgrounds and personalities of some more minor characters before I get to writing the actual story.

 I'm also scouting around for books on or set during WWI to read while I write. That way I can be working on research and gathering inspiration simultaneously. I just started reading Spies of the First World War: Under Cover For King and Kaiser by James Morton. It is still too early to tell how I'm going to like the book as a whole, but so far so good.

 Later this week, I will be sharing my contribution to Emily Ann Putzke's new writing link-up They Have A Story. Keep an eye out for that!

So, what have all you wonderful people been up to? Do you have any WWI books to recommend? Have any wondrous new writing projects presented themselves to you? Or are you getting back to school?


  1. Oh, your new story idea sounds fascinating! I'm intrigued by WWI ... it's a topic that seems to be overlooked. Way to go writing a book about it! We need more WWI books. =) I'd love to write about WWI sometime!

    As far as WWI books to read ... I read "All Quiet on the Western Front" which was really good but also really hard to read. Have you read it? I wrote a review on it -(http://www.authoremilyannputzke.com/2015/03/forgive-me-comrade-how-could-you-be-my.html) Also, "Women Heroes of WWI" looks like a good book. I read "Women Heroes of WWII" and they're by the same author so I think it'll be really good! I have a copy, I just haven't had time to read it yet. I read "War Horse" which was very good ... if I think of any others, I'll let you know. =) Have you seen the films "Testament of Youth" or "War Horse?" BOTH ARE AMAZING.

    I seriously can't wait to read your entry for They Have a Story!!! =)

  2. Emily - I'm glad my story sounds fascinating. That is always encouraging. And WWI is defintely overlooked a good deal. It is a time period that has intrigued me for several years now. I even wrote a research paper about how the whole war started for a writing class I was in several years back!

    I have not read "All Quiet on the Western Front", though I am interested in reading it at some point in time. Your review was very good. I'll have to look up "Women Heroes of WWI" and "Women Heroes of WWII". I want to read "War Horse" too. I love the film of "War Horse"! I really want to see "Testament of Youth". They were showing it at a theatre in my area but it was during the two busiest weeks of my July so I wasn't able to go see it. I'm hoping they release it on DVD sometime soon here in the States.

    Your excitement for my They Have a Story entry is making me excited! :)

  3. Hello! just wandered across your blog via The Curious Wren and came across this post. Your story sounds most intriguing. I'm so excited about all the other authors writing in the ear of WWI and thereabouts. My own story is set in the 1910's and while WWI didn't play a huge role, (It's about bankers and musicians, not soldiers.) I did get a taste of research, and is it ever a chore. I wish you good luck. :) As for some books regarding the war, I would like to read Martin Gilbert's book WWI. Otherwise, John Buchan's Richard Hannay series make up the bulk; especially Mr. Standfast. <3

  4. Hello, Lydia! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Thank you for your good wishes and your book recommendations. I dearly want to find Martin Gilbert's "The First World War". I have heard good things about it. And the Richard Hannaey series! I enjoyed "The 39 Steps" immensely and I'm hunting down the rest of the books in the series.


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