Friday, March 13, 2015

As You Like It

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 Here I am for my second post in one week! *high five* Today, I am going to be sharing my contribution for the one and only Rachel Heffington's monthly link-up Chatterbox. If you are not acquainted with this monthly writing exercise, enlighten yourselves by reading the comprehensive instructions she created here.

 This month's topic was superstition. I knew I wanted to pick up doing Chatterbox again, but it took me a while to figure out what on earth to write. Finally, I decided to create a whole new cast of characters just for Chatterbox. The topic was not lending itself very well to my works-in-progress.

  “Aren’t you going to go inside?” Camilla stood by the shop door, surveying her friend with knitted brows.
  “In a second,” Zoe replied, pressing her face close to the glass display window and soaking in the newest releases added to the bookshop’s selection.
  “C’mon. Brent and Tyler will hunt down the best books before we even enter the store. You know them.” Camilla grabbed Zoe’s hand and dragged her into the shop.
  Zoe pulled backed, her short red hair bounced and her fringe of bangs jerked to the left side of her forehead. “No, no. I always read the titles of all the new releases before looking for something to buy.”
  “But you’ve already read reviews for them all on Goodreads and can recite their titles backwards.” Camilla folded her arms and cocked her head.
  “I know,” Zoe whimpered. “It’s- it’s- well it always seems to help somehow.”
  Camilla’s left eyebrow arched. “It’s superstition.”
  “It is not.” Zoe’s chin jutted forward defensively.
  “Yes, it is.”
  “Is not.”
  “Is too.”
  “Is.” Camilla leaned forward, her chestnut hair spilling over her shoulders.
  Zoe’s mouth twisted in her own version of stubborn defeat. “Okay, maybe it is.... a little bit. But who was born on a Friday the thirteenth?”
  “That is mere pettiness, my dear Watson.” Camilla tried to look dejected.
  Zoe’s nose crinkled as she smiled. “Let’s go find the best copy of As You Like It we can find. I still think we’ll get a better grade on our essays then the boys.” She linked her arm with Camilla’s and led the way to the play department.
 I have to admit to falling quite in love with this group of four friends (even if Brent & Tyler were technically not even in the scene). :) Also, I did not realize this would be going up on a Friday the thirteenth until my sister pointed it out last night. I thought that was rather funny.


  1. I love how lighthearted this is. And the bookish setting, of course.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments, Janie, and for taking the time to stop by!


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