Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Modern Screen, October 1936

 On the way back from Florida last December we stopped by an antique mall and I picked this delightful little goody. Modern Screen from October of 1936.

 The cover with a drawing of Jeannette MacDonald on it.

Only actress on this page that I know is Irene Dunne. 

 A closer look at the Irene Dunne picture and an interesting tid-bit on "Madame Curie." Hmm, I guess the movie ended up getting shelved or something. It didn't come out until 1943, and then Greer Garson had the title role.

 Claudette Colbert in what looks like a very good imitation of the dress she wore in It Happened One Night.

 an article on Katherine Hepburn.

 Two pages on Fall fashion, with Olivia de Haviland on the right.

 a closer look at the Olivia de Haviland page.

 My favorite part of the whole magazine though is this two-page beauty on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers' Waltz in Swing Time which they performed in the movie Swing Time.

closer look at each page.

Isn't it lovely? And I bought this with another magazine for only $5!


And now after looking at that two-page Astaire and Rogers spread I'm in the mood for some dance clips.

Waltz in Swing Time:

Hard to Handle:

Pick Yourself Up:

Aren't they just fabulous?


Oh, by the way this post is for my older sister's blog event "Going Through the Eras."

~ Hanne-col

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  1. love, love, love!!
    Especially the Swing Time Waltz spread. Just lovely.

    Ok, I've definitely decided that I need to begin collecting vintage magazines:)


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