Saturday, March 10, 2012

Movie Review: Three Smart Girls (1936)

 Joan (Nan Grey), Kay (Barbara Read), and Penny Craig's (Deanna Durbin) parents have been divorced for ten years and girls live in Switzerland with their mother. Mrs. Craig, who still loves the girls' father, is heartbroken when she reads in the newspaper that their father is planning to remarry. So the girls decide to run away to New York City and prevent the wedding.

 Once in New York they surprise their father, millionaire Judson Craig (Charles Winninger), and shock his fiancee, Miss Donna Lyons (Binnie Barnes). The girls soon enlist the help of Bill Evans (John King), the man who manages their father's investments. Together they hatch a plot to get Miss Lyons away from their father by introducing her to someone even richer. But Bill is sent to Philadelphia and when the method for the girls to find him goes awry they end up getting the wrong man (Ray Milland).

 I LOVE this movie!! It is such a delightful movie, with some really funny movie lines. I highly recommend it. Oh, and I just found out you can find it on YouTube.

Movie Quotes:

Judson Craig: Do you realize that I have guests downstairs, that Miss Lyons was singing? I thought the ceiling would come down!
Penny Craig: Why didn't you stop her?

Kay Craig: Haven't you any conscience?
Michael Stuart: Conscience? About what?
Kay Craig: You were just about to cheat that poor man, weren't you?
Michael Stuart: Oh, no. I wouldn't cheat anybody. Uhh. I just wanted to buy a little gift, for you.
Kay Craig: For me?
Michael Stuart: Yes.
Kay Craig: Do you think I'd accept a seven-thousand dollar ring that wasn't paid for?
Michael Stuart: Oh, I would have paid it. Uhh, on terms you know. A dollar down, a dollar a week.
Kay Craig: For seven-thousand weeks?
Michael Stuart: Eh ... That is a rather long time, isn't it?

~ Hanne-col


  1. That does sound like fun! Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. This sounds like a super cute movie! The plot sort of reminds me of Parent Trap:)

  3. Hanne-col, did you know Ray Milland was a bodyguard to the king of England?? I read that in one of Ashley's magazines.



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