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Silver Screen Blog Party Tag Questions

 First of all I want to apologize for not getting these up sooner. I meant to post them yesterday, but I never did get around to it.

Day by Day

 These questions were created by the lovely Miss Natasha of Day by Day for her silver screen blog party.

It seems to be standard procedure for blog party questionnaires to begin by asking you to introduce yourself to the rest of the party goers. Far be it from me to be remiss in my duty, therefore, do tell us a bit about yourself, in as many or few words as you wish.
Well, I'm 15 years old. I am a Christian. I am an aspiring novelist, a sister, and a daughter who wants to bring glory to her Savior, Jesus Christ.
What are a few of your favorite classic films?
Summer Stock (1950)
Something in the Wind (1947)
The Wackiest Ship In the Army (1960)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
The Magnificent Seven (1960)
Listen, Darling (1938)
Don't Fence Me In (1945)
Shall We Dance (1937)
High Society (1956)
Three Smart Girls (1936)
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (1943)
Africa Screams (1949)
Out of those films, who are your favorite characters (not actor, character)?
Summer Stock (1950) - Jane Falbury
Something in the Wind (1947) - Charlie Reed
The Wackiest Ship In the Army (1960) - Capt. Rip Crandall
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) - Clarissa Saunders
The Magnificent Seven (1960) - Vin and Bernardo O'Reilly
Listen, Darling (1938) - Pinkie Wingate and Buzz Mitchell
Don't Fence Me In (1945) - Toni Ames
Shall We Dance (1937) - Petrov/Pete Peters
High Society (1956) - Mike Conners
Three Smart Girls (1936) - Michael Stuart and Penny Craig
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (1943) - Ruth Kirke Holliday and Timothy Blake
Africa Screams (1949) - Stanley Livingston

Share one of your favorite movie lines...
Kay Craig: Haven't you any conscience?
Michael Stuart: Conscience? About what?
Kay Craig: You were just about to cheat that poor man, weren't you?
Michael Stuart: Oh, no. I wouldn't cheat anybody. Uhh. I just wanted to buy a little gift, for you.
Kay Craig: For me?
Michael Stuart: Yes.
Kay Craig: Do you think I'd accept a seven-thousand dollar ring that wasn't paid for?
Michael Stuart: Oh, I would have paid it. Uhh, on terms you know. A dollar down, a dollar a week.
Kay Craig: For seven-thousand weeks?
Michael Stuart: Eh ... That is a rather long time, isn't it?
from Three Smart Girls (1936)

What is your opinion on remaking classic films?
It usually depends.

How about colorizing black and white films?
I prefer black and white films to stay black and white, but if I have a choice I'll usually try out the colorized version maybe once or twice.
Name a few of your favorite silver screen actresses.
Judy Garland
Deanna Durbin
Dale Evans
Ginger Rogers
Debbie Reynolds
Audrey Hepburn
Jean Arthur
are some

Now a few of your favorite actors.
Donald O’Conner
Fred Astaire
Frank Sinatra
Jimmy Stewart
Cary Grant
Roy Rogers
Gregory Peck
are some

Why are they your favorites?
I love their singing, love their dancing, love their acting, and love how they make me laugh and cry.
Do you enjoy westerns? Why or why not?
Oh yeah! I love westerns. Roy Rogers’s movies, The Roy Rogers Show, Wanted: Dead or Alive, and The Rifleman
Are you a purist when it comes to adapting a book you love to the screen?
I’m usually pretty forgiving, though I must say I have a list of complaints for the 1954 Ivanhoe adaption.
Are there any film adaptations that you enjoyed more than the original book?
Off hand, no. 
There are a lot of wonderful classic TV shows, but which one is your favorite? 
Oh, dear! What a question to ask. I think it's a close race between The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, The Dick van Dyke Show, and The Jack Benny Program. Yeah, I know that's four shows, but I love them all so much.

After watching a musical, do you hum and singing snatches of the songs as you go about your day?
Yes, unless I have a sore throat or a really bad cold.
Assuming the answer to the above is "yes", which song, without fail, get's stuck in your head?
Mack the Black sung by Judy Garland in The Pirate (1948). It is a very catchy tune.
What's the corniest film you've ever seen?
I'm sure there's one out there, but at the moment I can't think of it.

~ Hanne-col


  1. Great answers, Hanne-col! I loved reading them and I'm so glad you joined the party:)

    Love your list of favorite films!!

    There are so many good classic TV shows. Those are all some of my favorites, too.

    Oh, I forgot about the Mack the Black song! That one gets stuck in my head, too;)

    Have a lovely day,

  2. I tagged you, Hanne-col!:)

  3. Hi Hanne-col
    We found your blog awhile back, and we love it! We nominated you on our blog. Hope to see you there!!

    Ginger Girls


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